Rock Hall, MD

Rock Hall, MD

Rock Hall has a knack for making the far-away feel close by. Residents have named it “Pearl of the Chesapeake” and say it takes you back to a time when everyone knew your name. Looking west over an expanse of the Chesapeake Bay, this laid-back fishing village is blessed with breathtaking sunsets. And once the sun has disappeared, the miles-away lights of Baltimore are visible in the distance across the harbor. Since 1995, a 16-foot-high statue of Capt. Stanley Vansant, who spent most of his 81 years as a waterman and master boat builder, has stood at the waterfront in Rock Hall Harbor as a reminder of days gone by.

The main area of town, with most of the non-marine businesses, is centered around Main Street between where it intersects with Chesapeake Ave. and crosses Rock Hall Ave., about six blocks from the waterfront. Most of these businesses are less than 1 mile away. With a current population of 1,298, it is a quaint and quiet getaway. Visit for up-to-date information on all things to see and do.

Rock Hall Crossroads, as the town originally was known, was officially established in 1707, but some believe that it was settled years before that. Main Street was part of Kent County’s first road, created in 1675. Before it evolved into a fishing village, it was a thriving port for tobacco ships. A ferry that ran between the Eastern Shore and Annapolis stopped here, and George Washington, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson passed through as they traveled to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia.

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