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Savannah to Charleston

Zipline Hilton Head

Attach your harness to a cable and whiz perilously across a great expanse of marsh and woodlands, traveling from one tiny, seemingly mile-high platform to another…Sound fun? ZipLine Hilton Head offers a two-hour tour on eight interconnected ziplines that take you from a tree platform to a suspended bridge to a tree platform to an aerial staircase (“don’t look down”) to a 75-foot tower tour, etc. The initial training includes required the usual warnings: “Are you pregnant?” “Do you have a medical condition?” “Do you know your left hand from your right?” (Oddly enough, no one ever asked if we were afraid of heights…)

Have a Creek burger or smoked wings next door at the friendly Up the Creek Pub & Grill before or after your flight. (After might be better for obvious reasons!)

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ZipLine Hilton Head

33 Broad Creek Marina Way

Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

(843) 682-6000


GPS Coordinates:
32.1875°N, 80.7587°W