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Bob423 has learned that groundings on the Atlantic ICW are avoidable and if so, why repeat them? It’s really not fun to run aground and wait for rescue from BoatUS or SeaTow, there’s no need. After years on the ICW he has learned the best ways through the shallows. Why not take advantage of such knowledge? A cruise ought to be fun, so looking over what we discovered the hard way sounds like a better strategy, and that leads us to the guide

New in the 2022 Edition:

  • The ICW Cruising Guide has expanded to 296 pages to provide essential ICW information with over 500 links to additional online sources.
  • All 126 hazard charts have been updated with depths from my April and May passage up the ICW from Key West to Norfolk in 2022 and include the latest USACE survey charts as displayed in Aqua Map Master with the Bob423 track as a blue dotted line.
  • MLLW at top of hazard page. New this year is the least MLLW seen for each hazard area prominently displayed at the top of the page with the hazard chart. The same format is carried over to the Table of Contents so at glance you can see the MLLW numbers for the areas you plan to traverse that day provided you stay on the Bob423 track.
  • Technology never sleeps. All recommendations have been updated to reflect the current state of the art.
  • What are Bob423 Tracks? A new section explaining what Bob423 tracks are, their sources, and how to use them has been added.
  • Bob takes a deep dive into Aqua Map features with a focus on the new weather capabilities and explain the meaning of each icon on the Aqua Map first screen.
  • Color coding Navionics SonarCharts. Bob covers how to tailor your Navionics SonarChart display for shallow water navigation with color-coded depths. Examples and a step-by-step procedure are outlined.
  • Want to anchor in Key West instead of opting for an expensive marina? Bob interviewed Stan Loveday, a Key West Bight City Marina Dockmaster, for advice on where nearby to anchor that won’t result in your boat up on land after some wind. Stan regularly rescues boats that dragged and knows the ground conditions and tackle required for all the anchorages in the area. Share in his knowledge.
  • ICW-Proof Your Engine. Max Parker of Zimmerman Marine continues his article on How to ICW-Proof Your Engine. Cruising the ICW involves long hours of engine running, often at relatively low RPMs which is not the best strategy for long-term engine durability. Max Parker, head of yard operations at Zimmerman Marine gives his insight from 25 years servicing ICW cruisers on how to best maintain our engines for trouble-free operation.
  • Introduction to Weather Forecasting. Hank Pomeranz is a former Navy Meteorologist and he again lends his experience in a 12-page overview of how to interpret weather charts and come to a preliminary understanding of how predictions are arrived at and what to look for in evolving weather. Hopefully, you’ll be better armed when you face conflicting weather projections from all those apps we are so fond of.
  • 25% off coupon. Aqua Map Master should be your first navigation app investment. It’s a bargain that can’t be beaten. You will find a coupon in the guide for 25% off the initial purchase price of Aqua Map charts, so be sure to take advantage of the offer if you don’t already have Aqua Map.

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