75th Anniversary Editions Now in Stock      
Date Posted: December 13, 2021
Source: Ed Tillett, Editor-In-Chief


Celebrate Waterway Guide’s 75 years with the two latest editions in our lineup of cruising and navigation guides. The 2022 Atlantic ICW and Southern editions have arrived from the printer just in time for the holidays full of new chartlets, piloting advice, and updates on our anchorages, marinas and destinations.

The 2022 editions of our books contain hundreds of pages of details gleaned from our on-the-water cruising editors and staff experts who provide advice and local knowledge.

With new chartlets created from NOAA data and Aqua Map’s ENCs, a Waterway Guide is the perfect planning resource for your adventures on America’s waterways. Whether dreaming about your first trip, planning the next stop on your voyage or crossing a local bay for an overnight journey, we have you covered with one of our guidebooks.

What started as a little guide to the ICW in 1947 has blossomed into a media enterprise comprising twenty-one publications, mobile apps, web-based delivery of our content, and data sharing with ENC platforms. Our 75th year is here, and we are pleased to announce the latest titles in our lineup of best-selling guidebooks.

Order yours today from the Waterway Guide ship store or visit your favorite online reseller. For the best all round experience download the iOS mobile app, then subscribe to Explorer at waterwayguide.com and you will have all the expert advice and information you need at your fingertips while underway.



Comment Submitted by Andrew Schiro - December 22, 2021

Will there be a Android version of the guide?

Comment Submitted by Ef - December 15, 2021

Great idea, Phil. We are working on a new content portal. We will make sure to add excerpts from those early editions. I've read through them and it's a treat to see how some things have changed - while other information is still relevant. We've managed to locate some early editions so will get to work on pulling some of the fun articles and other information out and showing them to our readers. Thanks for the idea. 

Comment Submitted by Phil Barbalace - December 15, 2021

It would be great to see some of the contents (articles and ads) if you have them, of the first edition(s).  A trade magazine did that recently and members can see the scanned contents of the publication online up to 100 years ago, which was fascinating.

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