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Bottom line: [Skipper Bob Bahamas Bound is] A great overall source of information on planning your Bahamas cruise. We Recommend it.

- Practical Sailor, "Top Cruising Guides for the Bahamas," January

Bottom line: When planning your cruise to and in the Bahamas, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more informative resource. We recommended the Dozier [Waterway] guide.

- Practical Sailor, "Top Cruising Guides for the Bahamas," January

At PassageMaker we keep a close eye on Mike Ahart’s Cruising News because Mike is often first with news that affects East Coast cruisers. He’s been particularly good at being up front on the Florida anchoring debate, infusing his stories with just the right amount of advocacy for the cruising cause. As a career newspaper reporter and editor (before my marine journalism career), I appreciate the work he does.

- Peter Swanson, PassageMaker

The Waterway Guide: Great Lakes [edition] provides enough local knowledge to make a trip of a lifetime and eliminate any, 'We missed something great,' regrets upon returning to our warm seas...

- Southern Boating

We could sum up Dozier's Waterway Guide as everything you want to know about the waters of Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Bahamas in a spiral-bound format so you can lay it flat on your helm for easy reference,' but that would leave us with a lot of blank space on this page...The result is a veritable Encyclopedia Britannica of southern boating.

- Southern Boating

If your dog-eared Waterway Guide is more than a year or two old, do yourself a favor and look at the new editions. I think you'll be impressed - they're all-color, bigger and easier to use, yet they still shine where Waterway Guide always has: offering the most up-to-date cruising information in print and putting it into perspective for cruisers. These are guides written and edited by cruising captains for cruising captains." "I'm a frequent and enthusiastic user of online cruising resources, but old habits die hard. When I'm cruising the Eastern Seaboard I always have a Waterway Guide at my fingertips, and I've never been sorry. Unless you're a different kind of cruiser, I recommend the same for you. As much as I love the immediacy of online cruising resources, Waterway Guide will have a place in my pilothouse - and my heart - for years to come.

- Rated 5 stars by Milt Baker in "Captain's Bookshelf", PassageMaker, July / August 2013

Waterway Guide was the first, to our knowledge, to give marina listings for each major harbor. A handy grid format is used...all keyed to charts to make them easy to find.

- Practical Sailor

If you plan on cruising anywhere along the East Coast, Great Lakes, and/or Bahamas, then don't leave the dock without one - or all - of these; they're the most comprehensive cruising guides I have ever used. The Waterway Guide was my best friend, both in good times and bad, during a recent cruise I did along Chesapeake Bay.

- Power & Motoryacht

Dozier's Waterway Guide is an indispensable cruising companion, featuring detailed navigational information, spectacular aerial photography with white-lined routes, and tips on what to do ashore. This well-known series, updated annually since 1947, provide the most comprehensive and current data available on nearly 4,000 marinas and boating-related businesses on the East Coast, the Gulf of Mexico, the Bahamas, the Great Lakes, and America's Great Loop.

- MarineMax Lifestyles

The Chesapeake boater should have a couple of books aboard. Chris Hall [of Bluewater Yacht Sales] recommends Dozier's Waterway Guide, which publishes a separate comprehensive guide just for the Chesapeake, including Delaware Bay and the Delaware River to beyond Philadelphia. The Dozier guide also includes a lot of aerial photography which is very useful, and is spiral bound, making it easy to use on the chart table.

- Excerpt from "Exploring the Chesapeake", Viking Valhalla, Winter 2012