I read this guide three times. The first time was as a tourist, blown away by the amount of visual and written detail describing the amazing breadth, complexity, and beauty of the Intracoastal Waterway. The second time, I read as a consumer, scrutinizing the ads, which were almost as informative as the guide, and definitely as interesting. The third time, I read from the perspective of a boater, mentally plotting my route as I studied the pages. This waterway guide is outstanding precisely because it gives the reader so many perspectives and angles from which to approach their journey - whether it be `by land or by sea'. Each section is color coded and uniformly organized. It's a generous amount of marine (bouys, tides, lanes), boating (anchorages, docking, facilities), technical (navigation, safety, equipment), and local flavor (historical, dining, points of interest) information supplemented by extensive charts, maps and photos. The "Goin' Ashore" feature that describes every port stop and appears in the many side trip notes, includes the well-researched "History" and "Points of Interest" categories that I particularly enjoyed reading. Salted throughout the guide was "Quick Facts" that described local animal life and explained quirky boating terms and waterway rules. The writing, layout, maps, guides, charts, and even the ads, are outstanding. This waterway guide is less a boating manual and more an expeditionary guide. It's an excellent resource for the new or seasoned boater, as well as a vicarious thrill for the armchair adventurer. I highly recommend this guide.

- Melanie Gilbert

I still have mid-eighties issues of The Waterway Guide which were very helpful to Nancy and me. We began our semi-annual passages between New Bedford and Key Largo in October 1986. Our last trip was Oct. 2013. We sold our 74 Viking a few months later. We were fortunate to cruise our 74 in the BVIs and Bahamas. We also cruised the Med; 5 months, 5000NM, 8 countries, 71 dockings. But our favorite adventure was 5 months in the PAC NW with time in Alaska. We did this in 2007 and 2012. We currently keep a 51 Navigator in the NW and enjoy frequent summer cruises in the San Juan Islands. The fishing and crabbing are great! We also have 28 Southports in New Bedford and Key Largo. Once again, your Waterway Guides have been invaluable resources over the years. Keep up the good work.

- Joe & Nancy Bruno

The Cruiser’s Weekly Update has been a great help both in the specific boating articles and in the detailed info on various parts of the loop. I purchased a boat late last fall and am now planning to begin the loop in the fall of 2016. The weekly update has been invaluable to me to help learn details about the various parts of the loop before I begin my trip!

- Denny Clinton, Lakeshore Towers Marina, Racine, WI

Hi Mike, You and Waterway Guide are doing a great job as always in keeping boaters informed. Your cruising news and navigation notes are always timely and accurate and should be weekly reading for all of us.

- Bob Norman, s/v Quest, Past Commodore, Waterway Radio and Cruising Club

Thanks for your usual excellent work on vital issues to cruisers. Fair Winds,

- Dave Havanich

I am a user of the Waterway Guide and enjoy reading the e-mail area updates that you provide. Thank you to you and your team.

- Chuck Walters

I am a great fan of Mike Ahart's weekly cruising updates, and read every one of them. When cruising, we use Waterway Guides every day, and have virtually every one from Canada to the west coast of Florida, along with all of the Skipper Bob's guides.

- Norman Mason, Peggy Sue, Monk 36, Norfolk, VA

We really appreciate the continued updates that you are providing regarding the potential anchor set-back rules. No doubt your efforts at notifying us boaters, plus their combined efforts in contacting the appropriate legislators make a difference. Without publications like yours, it is doubtful that Jill and I could remain up-to-date on these issues. Thanks.

- Rudy and Jill Sechez, Briney Bug

Thanks for a consistently terrific weekly update. I personally read it each week and enjoy your articles. I understand and appreciate how hard it is to obtain accurate information and to sort out good and bad contributors to make your weekly update worth my time to read. You have my respect and admiration. Semper Paratus!

- Dave Fuller, Deputy Director for Administrative Assistants, Seventh Coast Guard District; National Public Education Branch Chief

I'm so appreciative of your in depth coverage of the Florida anchoring issue. I routinely suggest that those who wish to be current read your articles.

- Phil Johnson, Chairman, Concerned Cruisers Committee, SSCA

I want to congratulate you for putting together a great weekly email newsletter. You do a wonderful job with it.

- Tim Stone, S/V Kuivato

Now that we have a 40ft. trawler for doing the Great Loop next year, we rely on the Waterway Guide more than any other resource. We use the print edition for trip planning and to get a good overview the area we're interested in. We use the online version for immediate information on things like fuel prices and updates on marinas. A few months ago in Florida-Georgia area, we damaged a propeller on our trawler in some shallow water during a violent storm. It had to be fixed before we could continue our trip up the ICW. In minutes, with the Waterway Guide book edition, we identified a local boatyard that could haul us, fix the prop and get us on our way. All in 24 hours no less! We have found no other boating resource that is as useful as the Waterway Guide.

- Phil Barbalace, Mainship 40 "Seascape", Vienna, VA

There is no more comprehensive set of guides on the Great Loop than Waterway Guides. The four regional guides are the only set of guidebooks that cover the entire Great Loop. The compendium of information is exhaustive, the aerial photography is stunning and the organization makes the guides easy to use...there is probably no other publication that covers so much for so little.

- Ron and Eva Stob, America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association


- RK

Received my copy of the 2012 Waterway Guide of the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos, today. It's the best yet, and anyone planning a trip in that direction will find it packed with info you won't find anywhere else.

- Peter Mitchell

Waterway Guide is an excellent publication. Anyone cruising should have one of these. Some of the cruising books I have seen have some of the information contained in the WG. However, Waterway Guides have it all. I would feel very comfortable boating to any location covered by this book.

- Norman Hoffman

I want to take a moment to thank you for giving me updates. I don't travel the ICW or plan to in the near future. However, some of the updates you give me affect my area and I like to know about other areas just in case I get the opportunity to travel there (by boat, of course). Keep up the good work and have a great day.

- Mike O'Neal

The Waterway Guide is one of the best Christmas presents I have ever received. As someone new to boating, it has come in very handy as we make our way along the Intracoastal. Its accuracy and information are the best. Waterway Guide is a must-have.

- Michael B. Cooney

As soon as we bought our new C-Dory 25, we went straight to the marine store and bought Dozier's Waterway Guide. It's a great guide and we've always used it as our boating bible.

- Linda R. Lovelace

We have been traveling the ICW for the past 14 years and simply could not have had the wonderful adventures we've had without your Waterway Guides. We have found that all of the information is pertinent and up-to-date. Your new Waterway Guide Magazine just adds to your great publications!

- Kay Olinger, S/V Seaboard Tack, Ft. Myers Beach, Florida

Waterway Guide provides well organized marina and anchorage information.  These easy to use guides use a consistent format from region to region. Waterway Guide helps us to make safe passage choices in the ICW or offshore

- Kathy Koppers, S/V Morning Glory, Caliber 4724

As a professional contract captain with over 160 Florida to New England transits, I only recommend Dozier's Waterway Guide to yacht owners I instruct, or assist in their vessel delivery. Having viewed all of the other guides available, it is my experience that Dozier's Waterway Guide is a must have for the yacht owner and professional captain. I never leave port without it.

- John Wampler, Master Mariner

I’ve been avid user of the Waterway Guide since when I first introduced to this reference book back in 2004. I was helping a seasoned delivery captain make a boat delivery from Hampton Roads to Connecticut. Recognizing his many talents I took in a lot of information that weekend. As a marina and harbor guide he relied on his 2004 edition of the Waterway Guide. With time to peruse the guide I quickly realized that it was full of valuable information and details. Immediately upon my arrival back in Virginia Beach I purchased the Guide and have never been without one on the boat. As you know I now have the latest edition and still marvel at the useful information and great pictures that this Guide offers. I’d recommend the Waterway Guide to anyone serious about safety when traveling to different locations via water, it’s a great compliment to electronic charts and you can’t beat the harbor details and marina pictures and information. I hope your team continues releasing updates for many years to come.

- Israel "Rod" Rodriguez, "It's All Good"

You do a marvelous job!! Thank you!! Everyone is lucky who receives your excellent updates! Thank you for all that you have written on behalf of all of us.

- Frances Johnson

The announcements that are being sent out to our addresses are so very helpful. We have friends in other areas that do not get your updates and I've been forwarding the messages to them. It's a great service and I'm sure it takes a great deal of time to compile the information. I thank you and all those associated with the Waterway Guide for this important, helpful service.

- Dot Oberlander, Monk 36, Star of the Sea

Won’t get on the boat without them!

- Dennis Mullen

As a woman and first mate, your Waterway Guide is "to the nines." It helps us find great marinas and special points of interest.

- Charlene C. Lonick

We want to thank you both for two invaluable publications: the Dozier Waterway Guide and the Skipper Bob guide to Anchorages on the ICW. Thanks to the highly detailed information in your two books, we covered 300 miles in our deep-draft yacht on the ICW without going aground - well ok, we did touch twice, but only when we were trying to sneak into creeks to anchor, and to be fair, you had warned us there might not be enough water. We also saved ourselves a fortune in marina fees by finding perfectly described, and, for the most part scenic, places to anchor every night. We smiled when we read in the preface to the Dozier Guide that "the thought of leaving the safe confines of the ICW for the open seas is terrifying". For us, an ocean-crossing, heavy displacement yacht, with a 60ft mast and draft of 6'9", the open seas are our natural home, and the ICW was what gave us pause for thought. But we honoured the markers, took the corners wide, and slowed right down when the water started to run out, and were still able to appreciate the stunning scenery along so much of the waterway's length. Thank you!

- Celia Mason

We do really appreciate all of the good information provided by WaterWay Guides. We rely upon them extensively when we are doing long-distance cruising.

- Carol Kirwan

First time I started using Waterway Guide was in 1956. I’ve used it a lot, and prefer it to any other guide.  I’ve got all six editions and have cruised from Maine to the Bahamas to Louisianna.  I wouldn’t leave the dock without it.

- Captain Poo on The Dream, 74’ Hatteras Motoryacht

I am a captain that delivers boats to Florida and to Canada and need info when I am delivering a customer's boat. I have bean boating for 25 years. The info that I have received from the Waterway Guide has keep me out of trouble, never traveled until I check out up to date info. Once again thank you keep up the great work, my life depends on it.

- Captain Milton Ellison

The Waterway Guide is as essential as the appropriate chart. I've found it to be an invaluable reference tool and by far the best on the market.

- Captain James Deibel, M/V Smitten

I have used every edition of Waterway Guide from the Northern and Great Lakes to the Chesapeake and Bahamas.  Whether I'm delivering a yacht or cruising for pleasure, it’s always at my helm!  You need to have that book right next to you for dockage, phone numbers, bridge closings, etc. It’s like the bible.

- Captain Jack Frauenheim aboard Lady Bonnie

I have to tell you I love your articles and how you do your tie ins. Other people asked me why I don't start my own blog. I answer because I love Waterways Guide and feel they perform such an immense public service it would be a sacrilege. Keep it up!

- Captain BullDog Thal, Professional Master Captain, US M-M, Vessel Delivery Service

We love you guys! Whenever underway, the Waterway Guide is a permanent fixture in the cockpit and is essential for our planning purposes.

- Brian and Heather, S/V Holding Pattern

I'm not the captain, but he couldn't do his job without me, my eyes and my Waterway Guide!

- Bobby Jo Viksne

We have purchased most of the waterway guides to assist us with our journey (ultimately to the Abacos). Your alert concerning the Cumberland Dividings was invaluable!!! Without it, we surely would have gone aground. I'm attaching our "red track" which shows the boat (42 foot trawler - Islandia) going over an island that wasn't there. At the time, the depth meter read 20 feet. As a bonus, an eagle was nicely perched upon one of the red posts as we went by the 'don't follow the magenta line' zone. Can't thank you enough for the countless hours you must spend keeping all of us boaters so well informed!

- Bob and Diane Grabo

Since we purchased our boat in 1996, Waterway Guides have always been an integral part of our cruising kit, whether locally on the Chesapeake, or extended coastal cruising to Key West and back.  Since the Chesapeake Bay is such a rich cruising and "gunkholing" region, we have found the Chesapeake Waterway Guide to be an indispensable on board companion with immense practical utility as a navigational reference and a comprehensive source for detailed information concerning points of interest, facilities for boaters and general regional information. Don't, as they say, leave home without it.

- Bill and Gail Robinson, S/V Regalo, a Freedom 36 Sloop

I find The WaterWay Guide series to be the best of the breed followed only by Skipper Bob. You have managed to acquire unquestionably two of the best publications plus your excellent website. I have been with the Waterway Guide ever since Ex Mayor Wollinsky (not sure of the spelling of the good Mayor of Stamford) and Walter Cronkite did the endorsements. These are the only publications outside of Eldridge that I recommend to my students.

- Anonymous

I ask every transient boater who comes to our docks how they heard about us and excluding past experiences and word-of-mouth, they came to us because of Waterway Guide. Thank you for your fine publication and service to transient boaters.

- Stan Driscoll, Lighthouse Boatyard & Marina

At Osprey Marina, we poll every cruiser at check-in, and the majority of them say they found us in Waterway Guide or at WaterwayGuide.com. As a marina on the ICW, you can't target your marketing dollars any better!

- Sherry Harrelson, Marina Manager, Osprey Marina

Wow!!! We just received our copy of the new Waterway Guide and it is beautiful! We rarely advertise, as most of our customers come to us by word-of-mouth. But with a gorgeous book like this, well laid out and a really user-friendly layout, we are absolutely sure it will sell like hotcakes. Y'all did a terrific job with our ad.

- Kathy and Rob Powell, Norfolk Boat Works, Inc.

When Gerald and I took one year to make the "Big Circle", the Waterway Guide was like a bible to us. The information was always very up to date and included the information we needed to make decisions. In many cases, these decisions had to be made instantly. We were never misguided. We bought a Waterway Guide for every region that you published and would not be without the one we needed. We cruised just as the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway opened. There was no precedent at all. I assume we were the pioneers of the 'Great Loop'. I know you did not own this publication at the time, but I am sure you have kept your guides current and accurate. I highly recommend the Waterway Guides to all cruisers.

- Ginger Conner Midway Marina, Inc., MM 394 Tenn-Tom Waterway

As manager of Sea Love Boat Works for the last 20 years, I have asked my transient customers how they found out about us. Nine out of 10 say 'Waterway Guide.' Waterway Guide has proven to be the most effective form of advertising and I appreciate your service.

- George Warren, Manager, Sea Love Boat Works, Inc.

Send me 12 more cruising guides, they sell like cold beer.

- Brandon Ricci, Eldean Shipyard

Bottom line: [Skipper Bob Bahamas Bound is] A great overall source of information on planning your Bahamas cruise. We Recommend it.

- Practical Sailor, "Top Cruising Guides for the Bahamas," January

Bottom line: When planning your cruise to and in the Bahamas, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more informative resource. We recommended the Dozier [Waterway] guide.

- Practical Sailor, "Top Cruising Guides for the Bahamas," January

At PassageMaker we keep a close eye on Mike Ahart’s Cruising News because Mike is often first with news that affects East Coast cruisers. He’s been particularly good at being up front on the Florida anchoring debate, infusing his stories with just the right amount of advocacy for the cruising cause. As a career newspaper reporter and editor (before my marine journalism career), I appreciate the work he does.

- Peter Swanson, PassageMaker

The Waterway Guide: Great Lakes [edition] provides enough local knowledge to make a trip of a lifetime and eliminate any, 'We missed something great,' regrets upon returning to our warm seas...

- Southern Boating

We could sum up Dozier's Waterway Guide as everything you want to know about the waters of Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Bahamas in a spiral-bound format so you can lay it flat on your helm for easy reference,' but that would leave us with a lot of blank space on this page...The result is a veritable Encyclopedia Britannica of southern boating.

- Southern Boating

If your dog-eared Waterway Guide is more than a year or two old, do yourself a favor and look at the new editions. I think you'll be impressed - they're all-color, bigger and easier to use, yet they still shine where Waterway Guide always has: offering the most up-to-date cruising information in print and putting it into perspective for cruisers. These are guides written and edited by cruising captains for cruising captains." "I'm a frequent and enthusiastic user of online cruising resources, but old habits die hard. When I'm cruising the Eastern Seaboard I always have a Waterway Guide at my fingertips, and I've never been sorry. Unless you're a different kind of cruiser, I recommend the same for you. As much as I love the immediacy of online cruising resources, Waterway Guide will have a place in my pilothouse - and my heart - for years to come.

- Rated 5 stars by Milt Baker in "Captain's Bookshelf", PassageMaker, July / August 2013

Waterway Guide was the first, to our knowledge, to give marina listings for each major harbor. A handy grid format is used...all keyed to charts to make them easy to find.

- Practical Sailor

If you plan on cruising anywhere along the East Coast, Great Lakes, and/or Bahamas, then don't leave the dock without one - or all - of these; they're the most comprehensive cruising guides I have ever used. The Waterway Guide was my best friend, both in good times and bad, during a recent cruise I did along Chesapeake Bay.

- Power & Motoryacht

Dozier's Waterway Guide is an indispensable cruising companion, featuring detailed navigational information, spectacular aerial photography with white-lined routes, and tips on what to do ashore. This well-known series, updated annually since 1947, provide the most comprehensive and current data available on nearly 4,000 marinas and boating-related businesses on the East Coast, the Gulf of Mexico, the Bahamas, the Great Lakes, and America's Great Loop.

- MarineMax Lifestyles

The Chesapeake boater should have a couple of books aboard. Chris Hall [of Bluewater Yacht Sales] recommends Dozier's Waterway Guide, which publishes a separate comprehensive guide just for the Chesapeake, including Delaware Bay and the Delaware River to beyond Philadelphia. The Dozier guide also includes a lot of aerial photography which is very useful, and is spiral bound, making it easy to use on the chart table.

- Excerpt from "Exploring the Chesapeake", Viking Valhalla, Winter 2012