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  • Marina Review for Raritan Marina

    Reviewed by: Neil Goldberg on Aug 20, 2019
    Vessel Type: Power
    LOA: 30'
    Draft: 3.5'

    Rating: 5

    Raritan Marina's owner David Reni and company are excellent mechanics, who don't take shortcuts and deliver excellent results at a fair price.
    I have a 32 year old boat which had not been in the water for 16 years. I have been working on restoring it for the past 4 years. I am a capable as far as plumbing and electrical work, but I am not a marine mechanic. The restoration is ongoing.
    Prior to the first launch, a major leak was discovered due to a badly corroded set of Wye pipes. These were replaced quickly and efficiently. The engines ran on "mickey mouse" ears without leaking.
    On first launch there was considerable leaking from the starboard outdrive. A sizable gap was discovered between the transom assembly and transom which had gone unnoticed.
    An Alpha 1 transom assembly was ordered at considerable cost, I thought, to replace a BADLY corroded part. The assembly included new Mercruiser everything, not third party parts. Shift cable, gimbals, tilt sensor, hydraulic cylinders etc. This thoroughness showed good judgement on David's part, and has resulted in a solid repair that David stands behind.
    All of the rubber bits that allow the outdrive to tilt and steer were replaced.
    The last part of this tale of woe is that there was a detail that a mechanic had missed when the Wye pipes were installed. It resulted in a small but persistent leak. Errors happen, not to be taken personally.
    Raritan Marina/ David Reni identified the source of the leak, on the opposite side that had the transom assembly replaced and because he is a stand up guy, is yanking the engine again to access the part and is warrantying the repair. The last marina I was at would have blame shifted and had not been honorable.

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