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  • Marina Review for The Pelican Marina

    Reviewed by: Kate McPherson on Sep 8, 2017
    Vessel Type: Sail
    LOA: 30'
    Draft: 5.3'

    Rating: 1

    Can I give half a star? these new owners took over this spring, but I can't imagine they will do well. The Wife is fine, but the Husband is a real class A piece of work. Our boat was in the slip when we bought it. We paid for another month, but were ready to leave it there because of convenience. Our first time taking her out, when we returned, in 15 mph winds, trying to tie up (with the help of the good people who tie up there, not the staff) we were trying to tie lines, get her squared away when the Owner comes rushing down the dock shouting how he wants us to move our boat. We were just in it, still tying ropes, mind you. When I said "no we are pretty happy here" , he got surly and said he "needed us to move to the end slip". Turns out, he doesn't own the slip we were put in, and he wasn't making any money on it. the end slip was awful, exposed and had no finger pier at all. We refused. We moved the boat, but his attitude, the way he approached us, his timing all let us know that this was not where we should be. We pulled out 6 days later (the following weekend) as soon as our month was up. He came out the day we left and was smirky and smug and asking sarcastic questions. I wouldn't give them another dime if my life depended on it.

    • WG Editor Comment:

      Marina Management response:
      The marina is under renovation. Some of the slips are privately owned. We were getting ready to do some dock repairs including that slip. The original owner of the boat decided to sell his boat before he left. We never had the opportunity to discuss the marina or slip arrangements with the new owner before the sale took place. On the day in question, the dockmaster was trying to have them move slips to avoid having to make a second trip. When they voiced displeasure at moving slips we allowed them to remain in their slip until a slip with a finger pier could be arranged. They remained in their slip of choice until they left without notice. Our slip agreements state that the dockmaster has the right to assign slips. We thought the issue was resolved when we let them remain in their slip. They did not communicate with us after that one day and I am sorry they felt as though they had to leave. We wish them fair winds and following seas.

      The Pelican Marina
      43 Camden Causeway
      Elizabeth City, NC. 27909

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