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Reviews from Jerry Smith (1)

  • Marina Review for Mariner Cay Marina

    Reviewed by: Jerry Smith on Aug 10, 2017
    Boat Type: Power
    LOA: 36'
    Draft: 1.5'

    Rating: 1

    We have been coming to Mariner Cay Marina for ten years, and are regular customers. We own a home in the Bahamas, and stay exclusively at Mariner Cay coming and going on our boat three times a year. Tonight we arrived from the Bahamas as usual, at 9pm. We docked, and planned to buy our usual 250 gallons of fuel, and a bag of free ice. About twenty minutes later, the security guard came and told us we would have to leave as we weren't on his list. Then he said he'd check with management. He left. About 90 minutes later, perhaps the rudest young female I have come across in 70 years, came and started beating on the boat. She said we were trespassing, stealing their dockspace, and on and on. I couldn't get a word in to her, but finally she said I could pay. Then she walked off and left. Twenty minutes later, two deputy sheriffs came to the boat with her. They wanted to know what the problem was. After a while, they left, and then she ((Samantha) spent twenty five minutes trying to generate a bill for me to pay. It was after midnight. I said I'd just pay an extra amount in cash, $100 for a $73 dock bill, but she said no, credit card only. But it took another fifteen minutes to generate the credit card billing. The time the credit card was billed was 1239am. In well over 50 years of cruising experience, this is the most unpleasant situation, especially since I have been a customer here for years. It is a nice marina indeed, but I'd say pass it by just for the rudeness and customer treatment.

    • WG Editor Comment:

      Marina Response:
      Thank you for sending us the review and the opportunity to provide a response.

      Here at Mariner Cay Marina we strive to provide our customers with the best possible service and experience. Mariner Cay provides 24 hr security to our marina customers who dock their vessels with us and to our residents whom reside within our private gated community. We would also like to mention that Mariner Cay Marina is currently at capacity which increases our security measures. Like all business Mariner Cay Marina has set hours of operation and anything outside of these hours of operation is prearranged by way of "making a reservation” which is an industry norm.

      This review of the experience as described by the Captain of the vessel, who docked within our facility after-hours and without a prior reservation is unfortunate. His details of his experience fail to mention his aggressive and offensive demeanor when approached by management which warranted the request for assistance from the Martin County Sheriffs Office. This Captain felt inconvenienced by this experience for which he was directly responsible. At Mariner Cay Marina the safety of our customers and homeowners supersedes all else. Please note, that prior to management traveling to the property on or around 11:30 p.m. we exercised due diligence and were unable to find any prior reservations or customer history (this was done during the 90 minutes as described within this review.) Furthermore, management made calls to staff at this late hour to see if any remembered or knew of this customer no one knew him by name or vessel. In efforts to work with this customer management offered to help rectify the situation by proper processing his transaction which would allow him to keep the vessel docked at the Marina in lieu of requesting its removal. In order for this to be accomplished the dock office would need to be opened up while opening the customer did offer cash to exceed his dockage but, he was told that the dockage needed to be paid by a credit card due to the hour of this transaction. To accept cash the till would need to be unlocked which was not something management was willing to do at 12:39 a.m.

      Mariner Cay Marina strives to provide excellent customer service and above all a safe and secure Marina for our customers. If this customer had offered us the opportunity to properly take his reservation this negative experience could have been avoided. Customers that frequently dock at our marina know that we have 24 hr security this customer did not nor did he offer to correct the issue when first approached by security. We understand that extenuating circumstances are sometime unavoidable and we would be happy to accommodate if we are able to as long as we are greeted with a calm demeanor.

      Management for Mariner Cay Marina

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