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    Reviewed by: Ed and Cindy ted Haaf on Jul 7, 2022
    Vessel Type: Power
    LOA: 52'
    Draft: 4.5'

    Rating: 2

    Week of July 4th 2022
    Bay Street Marina
    We have stayed at BSM quite a few times and have had good experiences until this stay. We feel boaters who stay here should be aware of the situation we experienced. If all are prepared this issue can be resolved. This is what happened during our stay….the evening we arrived someone boarded our boat while we were sleeping! Between 10 & 1 AM Stole all of the cash from our wallet and from a drawer onboard. Stealing is bad enough but seriously we were in bed sleeping. We always lock up but there was one side door we missed so clearly they tried each door. We reported this to security, they told us they have been having issues with this. Really don't you think boaters should be told about this so as to work together to prevent theft or injury. They (security) pretty much said oh well and brushed it off. Then the following night security told us the same thing happened to a larger charter yacht. The captain saw the individual and chased them off. Now it appears management took this a bit more seriously as they finally did something about it. Security was increased and gates were locked. Thank you to BSM for taking care of your customers by increased security we appreciate it and please when this things happen let's work together as it affects everyone involved. M/V KA DEE ANNA

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