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  • Review for Tarpon Point Marina

    Reviewed by: Linda Fulghum on Jan 25, 2019
    Boat Type: Sail
    LOA: 42'
    Draft: 5.0'

    Rating: 1

    We paid $20 for landing our dinghy. If you spend at least $20 in their restaurants or stores you receive a refund. The agreement was you were not to leave the property or dump garbage etc. I mentioned when signing up that friends from the north were meeting us for lunch and could we possibly get groceries; the answer was no. We abided by all rules. We checked in about 11am, met our friends for a long lunch on property and shopped on site and along the docks. 5 hours went by. My husband went to collect our $20 and was harassed. Asked if we had went to get groceries, which he replied no. Then the harbor master said 5 hours were too long to have “us” wandering the property etc. he said I guess we’re going to have to set a 2 hr time limit! He treated us like we were second class citizens. Their rudeness was completely unnecessary. I was in the travel business for 15 years, even owned my own agency, and was never treated by any one affiliated with Westin in this way. They don’t have to worry about us visiting again.

    • WG Editor Comment:

      Marina Response:
      Tarpon Point Marina has a $20.00 mandatory landing fee for skiffs and dinghy’s that are used to ferry passengers from vessels that are not tenants of the marina, into the marina . The landing fee is refundable with proof of purchase within the marina village stores or restaurants. The landing of any vessel at our restaurant dock is for a 2 hour period and is not a free moorage for day use. This allows for boaters to use the marina restaurants and rotate out and let other boaters use the docks to shop and have lunch or dinner. The customer used the facilities for 5 hours. When he came in for his refund, he was given his refund and the Harbor Master advised him that this was not a service for 5 hours and that he would need to “enforce the two hour limit”.

      We have to have controls on the marina and boaters or we have tenants and non-tenants doing what ever they want. We have problems with non-tenant dinghy’s coming into the marina and not checking in with the harbor master office. They tie dinghy’s up in slips that are leased and empty at the time, they drive their dinghy’s around in the marina basin and tie up in unauthorized dock areas. They also empty trash from their vessels, use the heads and our day use facilities and catch a cab and or other transportation and leave the marina to get parts and supplies without our permission.. They do not want to pay a landing fee and they try to circumvent the rules and regulations to fit there own needs. The marina property and the water within the land lease of the marina is under control of the Harbor Master and he has the right and authority to enforce the rules and regulations of the marina. All Boaters need to have respect and courtesy to first check in with a harbor master of any marina they enter and obtain the rules and regulations of that marina. We get the statement from boaters everyday saying, “we have rights and these are state waters and we have a right to go where we want”. This is not true in our marina, we have a legal land lease with the state of Florida and the marina facilities and water within the description of the land lease is under the control of the marina to manage.

      Boat responsibly and with respect and courtesy to fellow boaters and mariners within the boating industry!

      Mike Bagley
      General Manager
      Tarpon Point Marina
      6179 Black Marlin Lane
      Cape Coral, FL 33914

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  • Review for Tarpon Point Marina

    Reviewed by: Paul Whelan on Jan 12, 2017
    Boat Type: Sail
    LOA: 38'
    Draft: 5.0'

    Rating: 3

    Lovely resort facility. Adjacent Gibson BIght a secure anchoring spot. SInce the focus is resort, transient amenities are lacking. Heads are a long walk away (1/2 mile around the basin from transient docks to the dock after office/heads/showers). No laundry facilities. Staff very pleasant and helpful. Several miles to nearest grocery or other shopping. Very good protection from weather. Just don't plan on doing any replenishment. Not inexpensive!

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  • Review for Tarpon Point Marina

    Reviewed by: Alyse Caldwell , AskCaptainChris, on Jul 11, 2016
    Boat Type: Power
    LOA: 44'
    Draft: 4.0'

    Rating: 5

    Wonderful resort with everything you expect in modern FL. Entering by boat is straightforward but finding your buddy's boat slip by car is challenging, streets are not well marked. Pinchers and other fine restaurants and hotels on property. Great.

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