Reviews: Indigo Plantation & Marina

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  • Review for Indigo Plantation & Marina

    Reviewed by: Len Barton on Mar 7, 2020
    Vessel Type: Power
    LOA: 44'
    Draft: 3.0'

    Rating: 1

    Call ahead for a transient slip but on arrival was told that the marina was closed due to storm damage. Turns out the person answering the phone was at Deep Point marina a mile up the Cape Fear River. Read my review of that marina

    • WG Editor Comment:

      Marina is open. Waterway Guide spoke with the Marina Manager earlier this week. Both locations are managed by the same crew. Indigo Plantation is for boaters looking for a longer stay (a month or more) while Deep Point is for short term transients. Indigo Plantation is unmanned. Crew is sent there from Deep Point to assist with docking etc. when necessary. All calls for both locations go to Deep Point. There was poor communication between the boater and marina management when the boater was making a reservation.

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