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31 of the World’s Most Alluring Lighthouses

Date Posted: 2019-08-12
Source: Atlas Obscura

Editor's Note: Atlas Obscura readers shared their favorite maritime beacons. What's yours? Send us a photo and brief explanation of why you chose it. Send to [email protected]

The world is home to more lighthouses than you probably ever imagined. Tall ones, short ones, new ones, old ones, shining bright or long dark, they really do have an undeniable, enduring appeal. It could be their lonely mystique, or the seaside vistas they command—or of course, their continued usefulness as maritime beacons—but whatever it is, lighthouses continue to be a source of fascination. We recently asked Atlas Obscura readers in our Community Forums to tell us about their favorite lighthouses, and the responses were nothing short of incredible.

Check out some of our favorite reader recommendations below, and if you’d like to see even more amazing lighthouses, or nominate a favorite of your own, head over to the forums and keep the conversation going!

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