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Chesapeake Bay Chefs on the Water for New PBS Series

Date Posted: 2019-06-18
Source: Chesapeake Bay Magazine

FISHERMEN as the "new" food celebrities

American fisheries are among the most sustainable in the world. Yet, American's consume less than two pounds of U.S. wild caught or harvested fish each year. Good Catch encourages consumers to cook and eat more sustainable American seafood. Just as local farmers are part of the mainstream conversations, American fishermen are poised to be the next food celebrities.

A group of chefs in the Chesapeake Bay region take to the water and literally catch their dinner, for a new PBS series airing now. Chefs A’ Field: Good Catch follows five famous chefs in the kitchen and out on boats, where they discover why sustainable seafood is the better choice.

Cheryl Costello catches up with a Michelin-starred Washington, D.C. chef featured on the show, who’s doing his part to control an invasive species in the Bay.

Read the full story & see the video on YouTube.

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