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Saturday science lesson: Anne Arundel watermen host oyster symposium

Date Posted: 2019-03-12
Source: Capital Gazette

West/Rhode Riverkeeper Jeff Holland gives a short presentation Saturday during the oyster symposium at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Edgewater. The Anne Arundel Watermen's Association hosted the event to share basic science about the oyster. (Chase Cook / Capital Gazette)

Anne Arundel County’s oysters lead a tough life, but the shellfish could grow with some help from Mother Nature and human influence, though the specifics of that aid have been debated for years.

That was the theme Saturday at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center where the Anne Arundel Watermen’s Association hosted a symposium on oysters. Representatives from the Department of Natural Resources, the Maryland Advisory Commission and others discussed broad-level issues and science related to the shellfish.


“The idea of this came about because oysters seem to find themselves in the paper and very seldom is the actual science brought out in any of the articles,” said Bill Scerbo, president of Anne Arundel Watermen’s Association. “You never hear the actual facts and science behind oyster fisheries. The idea was to round up some fishery scientists to actually get the information from the oyster’s mouth, so to speak.”

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