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Forming the 2019 US Sailing Team

Date Posted: 2019-02-04
Source: Scuttlebutt

Athlete selection to the 2019 US Sailing Team, done annually and consisting of the top sailors competing in the 10 events selected for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, took a step forward following the qualifier events – the 2018 Hempel World Championships Aarhus and the 2019 Hempel World Cup Series Miami.

Through the US Sailing Team and its sponsors, qualified athletes on the Olympic path receive financial, logistical, coaching, technical, fitness, marketing, and communications support.

“It takes an incredible amount of resources to support athletes on their journey to the Olympic podium,” notes US Sailing’s Chief of Olympic Sailing, Malcolm Page. “At US Sailing, we’re honored to be a small part of supporting these individuals in pursuit of an Olympic Medal.”

Athletes Qualified to the 2019 US Sailing Team:

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