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Chesapeake Bay's grade drops to a D+ in 2018 report card, after 'a massive assault' from record rainfall

Date Posted: 2019-01-08
Source: Baltimore Sun

The Chesapeake Bay’s health suffered in 2018 amid “a massive assault” from record rainfall that washed more pollution than usual into its waterways.

The bay’s health fell to a D+ in a biennial report card released Monday — a decline from its previous C- grade.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation called its assessment “a grim reality” that stresses the importance of stopping the Trump administration from rolling back regulations it says have helped the bay recover in recent years.

“Efforts to save the bay are facing some of the most serious challenges we've ever seen,” said Will Baker, the foundation’s president.

The Chesapeake had earned the C- in 2016, in the last edition of the foundation’s bay report card. That was the bay’s best grade ever in an assessment the foundation launched in 1998.

But for 2018, its score declined for the first time in a decade.

Baker said that to clean up the Chesapeake, all states within the bay watershed need to keep their pledges to reduce pollution, the federal government cannot eliminate more environmental laws and regulations, and the globe needs to act to slow or prevent climate change.

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