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‘We’re in the bull’s eye’: Evacuation orders multiply as Hurricane Florence churns toward East Coast

Date Posted: 2018-09-11
Source: The Washington Post

Editor's Note: Waterway Guide News Editor Lisa Suhay lives in one of the madatory evacuation areas in Norfolk, Virginia. She has chosen to remain and report. This story and other storm-related Waterway Guide coverage will be updated as long as electric and internet connections remain available in her area. If you have storm stories or images please send them to [email protected]

As Hurricane Florence continues its menacing churn toward the Eastern Seaboard, multiple states bracing for the potentially “catastrophic” storm are ordering residents along the coast to leave. Emergency officials in the Carolinas and Virginia gave evacuation orders to more than 1.25 million people Monday, including everybody along South Carolina’s 187-mile coastline.

Florence is expected to make landfall later this week — its precise target still uncertain, though officials up and down the coast warned of potential destruction.

“We do know that we’re in the bull's eye,” North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper (D) said at a Monday news briefing.

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