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Smithsonian wants you to look out for this invasive crab species: kill & report

Date Posted: 2018-07-10
Source: DelmarvaNow

Environmental scientists are urging people to report (and kill) the Chinese mitten crab, an invasive species that has been spotted in Delmarva waters and nationwide. 

While not a new problem, public reports of the hairy crustacean tapered off over the years, prompting the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center to launch a campaign encouraging people, particularly crabbers and fishermen, to be vigilant while out on the water.

Part of the center's campaign launch includes a free T-shirt for the first 10 people who report the mitten crab to Smithsonian. 

"We are begging people to please not release (the mitten crab)," said Katherine Newcomer, a researcher at the center's Marine Invasions Lab, adding that it is illegal to import, export, sell, acquire or purchase the crabs under the U.S. Lacey Act. Individuals could be hit with a $100,000 misdemeanor fine if caught.

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