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Passing of Canadian bill makes access easier for US boaters & anglers

Date Posted: 2017-07-04
Source: NMMA

The Canadian Parliament has passed a bill that no longer requires American boaters to report to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officers whenever they enter Canadian waters--something that has been nearly impossible to determine given the complexity of boundary lines.   US boaters will now be exempt from reporting to CBSA, permitting they do not anchor or arrive on shore. With its implementation, American boaters will now enjoy a more welcoming boating environment in Canada, which is positive news for Canadian tourism, boating access and the recreational boating industry. In a recent NMMA study, it was concluded that nearly 4.3 million Americans boat in the Great Lakes region alone every year.     NMMA Canada would like to congratulate Senator Bob Runciman and Member of Parliament, Gord Brown, on their success in passing this bill, which is officially known as the Conveyance Presentation and Reporting Requirements Modernization Act.    For more insight on the new bill click here and here for news coverage on what it means to US boaters who enter Canadian waters.  

  • Comment submitted by Ralph - Wed, Jul 5th

    What a shock! An open border. Since last winter they've just let anyone walk across the border where ever they choose and welcome them in with open arms, even have the cops and CBSA there to carry their luggage. Why would this be a breakthrough? I guess because it applies to people who might be solid citizens as opposed to "refugees" coming without documentation from god knows where. Does this mean that CBSA might extend the same courtesy to Canadians returning home, or will we still get the strongarm treatment of "report in immediately at a designated spot or we'll run your ass into jail right now!" What a farce. Being a law abiding taxpayer in Canada gives you zero respect with these clowns in power now.

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