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Post Your Own Nav Alerts on the Waterway Explorer

Date Posted: 2016-10-20
Source: Ed Tillett, Editor-in-Chief & General Manager

You can now post Navigation Alerts and observations anywhere on Waterway Explorer. Your comments will be verified and available on the web app for everyone to see. Please provide as much detail and accuracy as possible.

We’ve also included weather overlays from two sources, NOAA and Windyty. 

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  • Comment submitted by SCOTT MCCONNELL - Fri, Mar 10th

    Do not!!!! Use the mooring balls at French Leave Marina and resort. There are supposed to be 5 one was gone when we got there Feb 3rd. One broke off on our buddy's boat and one broke off on us two nights latter!! Management is aware and as we left they were trying to get a diver to fix them. Call resort before any attempt to use them! The resort was very concerned and made it right financially but we almost lost one of the boats!

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