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Cruise the 'Albemarle Loop' - with free dockage!

Date Posted: 2015-04-09
Source: The Albemarle Loop

Albemarle-Loop.jpgHaving started my "cruising life" on the Chesapeake Bay, one of my first discoveries was that another beautiful, expansive cruising region was just a short, pleasant canal-ride south. The protected estuaries of North Carolina's Albemarle Sound offer several welcoming historic port towns, which have developed the "Albemarle Loop" experience – a nice side trip for ICW cruisers, and a perfect cruising club itinerary. From a press release:

FREE overnight boat slips (48 hours/visit) offered for 2015 on the sheltered Albemarle Sound at six various marinas when you tour using the new Albemarle Loop (AL) program; full details are at:

Come explore over 400 years of history as you trace the footsteps of America’s first English settlers and the “Lost Colony”.  The “AL” marinas provide not only free tie-ups, but the use of all their amenities!  For example, Albemarle Plantation Marina provides the resources of a gated boating and golfing community with its Dan Maples championship par 72 course that is rated one of the finest in NC.  In addition, they have now been awarded a “Clean Marina” certification that includes all the essentials of a truly full-service “first class” marina.

Both fine and casual dining sites overlook the Sound as you enjoy their magnificent sunsets; you can then explore the 500 mile shoreline of Albemarle Sound – obviously offering many fun adventures.  Play tennis, bocce, swim or lounge at a junior Olympic-size pool.  These friendly communities welcome cruisers traveling north or south on the ICW; Just head west to experience the “Inner Banks” for an extended excursion around the Loop.  Enjoy the natural beauty and culture of one of the largest fresh water estuaries in the world. 

The web site provides pictures, videos and all the information you need to find it, (approximately ½ way around the loop.)  Check-out this resort-like facility and all the others making the special free offers - or call AP’s dockmaster (252 426-4037) to make a reservation.  We all look forward to your visit and “Hello”; you should greatly appreciate the area with its many historical sites and special events – and hopefully re-visit the Albemarle Sound over and over again. 

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  • Comment submitted by Ed - Sat, Apr 11th

    This looks like a great way to spend a week, or two, this summer. I've always enjoyed that part of North Carolina. With the coupons there's not reason NOT to go! Way to go Albemarle marinas and town!!

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