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New transient dockage in Beaufort NC

Date Posted: 2014-04-03
Source: Friends of the North Carolina Maritime Museum

North-Carolina-Maritime-Museum-Docks-2.jpgThe North Carolina Maritime Museum on the Beaufort waterfront is one of this charming town's "must-sees" with wonderful exhibits – it's the official repository for artifacts from Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge, which ran aground in the inlet in 1718. The museum also has an expansion building up Gallants Channel, and is now offering dockage there – Gallants Channel Annex. Sorry, no Blackbeard exhibit yet at the'll need to dinghy or walk to the waterfront, according to Brent Creelman, Director of Friends of the Museum:

North-Carolina-Maritime-Museum-Docks.jpgAhoy Fellow Mariners! 

The Friends of the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort invites transient vessels and historically significant craft to visit and be our guests at the museum’s expansion site on Gallants Channel just north of downtown.

The facility has deep water fixed wharfs running some 1,500’ and floating docks with 10 slips and a 100’ face dock.

The Friends of the Museum is offering a very reasonable short term dockage rate of just $1/foot per night, or $10/foot per month.

Water and power are available but there are no shore side facilities at this time. There is ample parking on site.

Located less than a mile from the ICW the site is well protected, has plenty of water depth, and is just a mile from Beaufort’s Front Street.

Brent Creelman
Director of Operations
Friends of the Museum
[email protected]
M-F 9-1 - 252-728-2762 


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