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Aquarium Releases 3 Rescued Sea Turtles, Gears up for Cold-Stun Season

Date Posted: 2020-09-22
Source: Chesapeake Bay Magazine

The National Aquarium’s Animal Rescue team celebrates three more success stories, while gearing up for another season of turtles needing rescue.

The Aquarium recently headed off the coast of Ocean City with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police marine unit to release three turtles that were rescued and rehabilitated at the Aquarium’s special rehabilitation facility in Baltimore.

Two Kemp’s ridley turtles had been rescued after being found cold-stunned and stranded off the Massachusetts coast. They were brought to Baltimore from the New England Aquarium last December. And one green sea turtle stranded off the North Carolina coast joined the others at the animal resuce center in Febuary They were treated for cold-stun symptoms like pneumonia, respiratory distress, dehydration, and infection.

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