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Historic Boats to Visit Annapolis in October, Tours Offered

Date Posted: 2020-09-15
Source: Chesapeake Bay Magazine

If the cancellation of the Annapolis Boat Shows this fall has you missing the sight of beautiful boats at City Dock, there’s good news.

The City of Annapolis has announced two historic boats will visit from October to November, and both will be open for free tours. The Lynx, modeled after a privateer built in Baltimore in 1812; and the When & If, a schooner built for General George Patton that he intended to sail around the world “when the war is over, and if I live through it.”

The Annapolis Waterfront & Sailing Center worked to bring the two vessels to town and offer tours. Both vessels will be moored at the docks at the end of Prince George Street, thanks to special access from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

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