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The busy hurricane season about to 'go Greek'

Date Posted: 2020-09-14
Source: BBC

There is only one name left on the pre-determined Atlantic hurricane season naming list before it "goes Greek".

With the formation of Tropical Storm Teddy and Tropical Storm Vicky on Monday, there have now been 20 named storms. With one more name left on this year's list, Wilfred, the letters of the Greek alphabet will be used to name further storms.

This would be only the second time this has occurred.

It has been an extremely busy season. By mid-September, statistics from the United States' National Hurricane Center show that we would normally have had seven named systems. This year, however, has been far from normal with 13 more than average.

One of the most remarkable features of the season has been how early each of the named storms formed in relation to previous years. Teddy and Vicky for example, were the earliest 'T' and 'V' named storms on record.

None of this, though, has surprised meteorologists as conditions were forecast to come together for a busy season.

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