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Crush of boat buyers seek recreation and safety during pandemic

Date Posted: 2020-07-27
Source: Bangor Daily News

YARMOUTH, Maine — Brandon Mitchell had big plans to visit family in Michigan and take his wife and three kids to Disney World. The pandemic put those plans on ice.

So they bought a boat instead.

“We’re going to take the sea. There’s so much to explore,” the ebullient skipper said. “It’ll get us the recreation and the escape that we’re not going to be able to get anywhere else.”

A growing number of people like Mitchell — who plans to spend the remainder of the summer island-hopping along the Maine coast — are looking to the water amid the coronavirus pandemic. And that’s good news for the boat industry.

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  • Comment submitted by Howard - Wed, Jul 29th

    I think whoever wrote this is not very knowledgeable.  One only has to look at the ads to see that boats are dropping in price.

  • Comment submitted by Capt Steve murray - Wed, Jul 29th

    I'm a FL licensed yacht broker.  Yes, prices are falling; yet ironically sales are up!!!  Go figure!  

    it's the effect of Covid keeping folks "bottled up" (aka cabin fever).  Folks see boating as a safe getaway with family, and they are buying boats.  

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