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THE ANSWERS IS #3: Wild Horses Cool Down in the Ocean off Maryland

Date Posted: 2020-07-27
Source: Yahoo News

Visitors enjoying body boarding in the ocean off Assateague Island, Maryland, were joined by some unusual bathers this summer — a herd of wild horses.

The herd can be seen on the beach with the surf lapping at their legs in this video uploaded to Facebook on July 20 by Karen DePace.

“This is the first time in 10 years that I personally have seen them [the horses] playing in the ocean,” Maryland resident DePace told Storyful. DePace said that three park rangers were with the horses “to ensure their safety” as they cooled off in the water. She said it was a “very hot day.”

The horses are descendants of domestic animals that reverted to a wild state, according to the National Park Service, who encourage visitors to the island to “enjoy their beauty from a distance.”


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  • Comment submitted by Paul Neeld - Wed, Jul 29th

    The horses were often in the ocean when it was very hot and the water calm....not so much when there's even a little surf.  Look for them standing deep in the bay when it's hot or the greenhead flies are bad. I would see them nearly every helicopter flight going south out of Cape May, NJ.

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