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The Chesapeake Bay is open once again, and fishing is heating up | COMMENTARY

Date Posted: 2020-06-01
Source: Capitol Gazette

What a long, strange spring it’s been. An epochal health terror that nearly stopped the world in its tracks will have that effect. Some days I feel like I’ve awoken from a horrible dream, more or less intact but worn out, and undoubtedly changed profoundly forever. It is staggering to reflect upon the fact that more Americans have died from coronavirus in past 12 weeks than in the Korean and Vietnam wars combined. More than 100,000 mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters —and counting — all gone.

Unemployment has skyrocketed as global economies plunge toward depths not seen since the Great Depression. No one is unscathed.

Yet, amidst all the chaos this spring newborns sprung into this uncertain world, people got married and divorced, birthdays were celebrated, and the young graduated high school and college. People also went fishing, turkey hunting, hiking, and kayaking.

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