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Navigating Marina Access Issues with Waterway Guide's COVID-19 Mariner's Reports: UPDATES

Date Posted: 2020-03-18
Source: Staff Report

Editor's Note: Our database is constantly being updated. Please check daily in order to leave uncertainty in your wake. While restrictions, closures and the practice of social distancing are in effect in a global effort to stem the tide of COVID-19, Waterway Guide, AGLCA and Dockwa have teamed up to take advantage of the vast network usually put into effect during hurricanes to offer a new resource to help boaters navigate the situation. The Waterway Guide team wishes all our readers and subscribers a healthy and safe journey going forward.

Waterway Guide, Dockwa and AGLCA are reporting the changing status of access to marinas and docks while the United States is developing a response to the spread of COVID-19. 

The information listed in our database comes from boaters, marinas, partners, the U.S. Coast Guard, our staff of on-the-water boating editors, and internal teams of experts. Waterway Guide is committed to providing boaters with up-to-date content for captains and crew to make informed decisions regarding their vessel and safety.

We will continue to publish and update news about affected facilities and waterways until normal conditions resume.

To submit information and help inform your fellow boaters, please fill out the form on the database page or email [email protected].

Click HERE to access the database.

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