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Eye-opening exhibit looks at varying water quality of Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Date Posted: 2020-02-18
Source: WBAL-TV

TOWSON, Md. - At Towson University Center for the Arts, a gallery has transformed into a living classroom. It's impressive and eye-opening.

Visitors are encouraged to walk around the exhibit, but must be careful where they step.

You probably expect paintings on the wall in a gallery, but at Towson University, the art is on the floor.

"What this is, is 3D, three-dimensional, mapping on the floor," said Susan Issacs, professor and curator at Towson University.

The Collected Watershed exhibition is by Stacy Levy, an environmental artist who, for the past two years has been working with the university to map it out. There are 8,000 jars, that have mostly been recycled, donated or collected over time. Each one contains water from a different part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

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