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Goldfish bowling over Chesapeake Bay’s habitat, species

Date Posted: 2020-01-21
Source: Delmarva Now

If you have ever been out on the Chesapeake Bay and seen a familiar flash of orange beneath the water, you might have thought your eyes were playing tricks on you. But there’s a good chance that what you ere seeing is very much real.

That’s right: The bay watershed is home to wild goldfish (Carassius auratus) — and this is not good news.

The goldfish is native to eastern Asia. Once a grayish-brown color, the fish were selectively bred for centuries in China to achieve the bright orange color they are known for today. They were considered a symbol of good luck; at one point goldfish were exclusively owned by members of the Song Dynasty.

So, how did goldfish go from Chinese royalty to one of America’s most popular pets?

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