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Bahamas 'miracle dog' found alive in rubble weeks after Hurricane Dorian

Date Posted: 2019-10-08
Source: Today

The dog, whom rescuers named Miracle, survived for weeks while pinned under an air conditioner in the rubble left by Hurricane Dorian.

There was only one name that rescuers in the Bahamas could think to give a dog who survived for weeks while trapped under rubble in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Dorian.

Meet Miracle.

Workers from Florida's Big Dog Ranch Rescue used a drone equipped with infrared heat-seeking technology to find the puppy pinned under an air conditioning unit on Great Abaco, the hardest hit of the Bahamian islands by the Category 5 hurricane last month.

"Seeing this poor little darling dog just trapped underneath there and thinking about how hard he fought to stay alive,'' Lauree Simmons, the founder and president of Big Dog Ranch Rescue, told Kerry Sanders on TODAY Monday.

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