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William Geroux Lecture Series, Maritime Museum - Deltaville, VA

Date Posted: 2020-02-12
Source: Deltaville Maritime Museum

"Mathews' Men" Author Speaks Sunday at 2 pm

Maritime Park Welcomes William Geroux for Lecture Series

By Bill Powell

Deltaville Maritime Museum and Holly Point Nature Park welcomes author and journalist William Geroux to its Events Pavilion as the Museum continues its 2020 Turner Lecture Series with a presentation on Sunday, Feb 16th at 2 pm. Writer Geroux will speak about his WWII non-fiction history book about the wartime service of the U.S. Merchant Marine; "The Matthews Men'.

William will bring copies of both the "Mathews Men" and the new "Ghost Ships of Archangel" to sell and sign and will be happy to sign any of his books the audience brings.

"The Mathews Men follows the numerous mariners who hailed from the county, many of whom were related to one another, including no less than seven captains from the Hodges family and eight from the Callis family. During the course of the war, the Mathews Men encountered danger around the world, from the coastal waters of the United States to northern Russia, Brazil to Antwerp, and the Mediterranean to Okinawa. To those hereditary mariners, whose families had been making their living at sea since before the American Revolution, war was simply one more danger added to the hazards they already faced each day as a matter of course."  (from the Mathews men website)

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