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February Events, Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum - St. Michael's, MD

Date Posted: 2019-02-11
Source: Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

11  ALL Course: Scatterlings of Africa, MEMBER NIGHT: We Love the Bay!

12  Volunteer Friendraiser

13  ALL Book Discussion: Isaac’s Storm: A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History
      Exploring Maryland’s Lost Capital of St. Mary’s City (Winter Speaker Series 2019)

15  Campus Closed

16  Campus Closed/ STEAM Team: Rock-ing it with Geology! 10-3pm

17  K-9 Nose Work Training

19  Krenov Style Plane-Making

20  Gubernatorial Residence, Rebel Fort, and Maryland’s First Statehouse: The History and Archaeology        of the Leonard Calvert House Site (Winter Speaker Series 2019)

21  Krenov Style Plane-Making

22  ALL Course: Great Decisions Discussion Program

23  STEAM Team: Build a Boat & Make it Float!
Delaware Restoration Work Day

24  Delaware Restoration Work Day

25  ALL Course: True Stories, Well Told

27  “The Maryland Design:” Religion in Early Maryland (Winter Speaker Series 2019)
      “The Maryland Design:” Religion in Early Maryland (Winter Speaker Series 2019)
      February 27 @ 5:30 pm - February 27 @ 7:30 pm
      “The Maryland Design:” Religion in Early Maryland (Winter Speaker Series 2019)

The Calvert family, as English Roman Catholics, created a very liberal polity in their new Maryland colony that allowed numerous religious beliefs to freely worship. Silas D. Hurry, curator of collections and archaeological laboratory director at Historic St. Mary's City, will review what was known as the “Maryland Design” and explain how it was made real on the landscape of St. Mary’s City. The discussion will incorporate the Calvert’s concept of liberty of conscious, the artifacts of Roman Catholicism, the architecture of the Jesuit’s brick chapel, and the end of this unique experiment with the establishment of a government supported Church of England in the 1690s.


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