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Singles On Sailboats - Chespeake Bay to New Jersey - Summer Events

Date Posted: 2018-07-11
Source: Singles on Sailboats

Since our founding in 1978, Singles On Sailboats (SOS) has been sailing the Chesapeake Bay and inviting other singles, sailors and sailboat owners to join the club. Singles On Sailboats is a nonprofit organization for single adults who want to sail and socialize with others who enjoy sailing.

Sailing around Annapolis and the Chesapeake Bay, you will find SOS members with all levels of sailing experience. From novice sailors to seasoned skippers, all are welcome to sail with us. Our members hail from Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and points beyond. From early spring through fall, we can be found sailing and rafting on the Chesapeake Bay. We indulge in parties ashore, with cookouts, dinners, dancing, and late night conversation aboard in a cockpit, or below in a cozy salon. During the dark chilly days of winter, members will open their homes for a Fireside Chat, host a regional holiday dinner or an afternoon brunch. November through March, SOS holds a brunch on the second Sunday of each month. We gather at one of the Annapolis area’s restaurants to enjoy warm food and conversation followed by an hour program on a sailing-related topics.

SOS members engage in a wide range of activities from day sails, weekend cruises, extended cruises, and many social functions at sea and ashore. SOS has planned, organized, sponsored and overseen more than two dozen bare-boat charters, giving club members the opportunity to sail in destinations ranging from the coast of Maine to Australia, with many additional trips to memorable destinations such as Greece, Italy, Turkey, Croatia, and the Caribbean.  The club is also active in educating and training our members, from explaining to our newbies what to bring and cook for a weekend cruise, to the intricacies of diesel engine maintenance and celestial navigation for more experienced sailors and skippers.

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