Service Facilities in Explorer

by Graham Jones - September 14, 2017


Waterway Guide is proud to introduce the newest feature to our Waterway Explorer. There has always been a debate amongst Waterway Guide staff, boaters, marina owners and others regarding how marinas, boatyards and combinations of the two should be treated in Explorer.

Well, now we’ve made the move! In our Waterway Explorer we have added another drop down mode called “services”. Every facility along the waterway that has boat repair services is listed, on the map / charts. See photo below.

This is an easy way for boaters to differentiate a marina, where they can tie up for the night, and a facility that is a service yard only. Inside of this listing you will find the service facilities have a slightly different list of information. Instead of “facilities information” as found in marinas, the service listing focuses on repair services and what the facility focuses on with boat repair.

Interested in finding a yard that is ABYC certified and has outboard repair services on-site? All of that is listed in the service listing details. Everything from haul-out capabilities, to hydraulic services to rigging.

So, look no further than when researching a service yard in the location you need!


And keep a close eye on the “featured” service providers. They are proven professionals that go out of their way to provide excellent work and outstanding customer service.