Explore the new Waterway Guide website! Update

by WG Staff - April 24, 2017

Update: The new website debuted in February of 2016, but we continue to add new features. Our latest feature: The Measurement Tool now also reads out the bearing of each leg This tool is located on the Waterway Explorer screen with the other tools, bottom right. 

(Original post: Feb. 12, 2015)

Welcome to our new website! In a nutshell, it has all the helpful, up-to-date information you are used to, but now it's organized to be more location-specific and easier to use – especially with any of the seven Waterway Guide editions – and it's designed to work great on tablets and smartphones. The site also lays a foundation for all of the new features we have planned. It's a work in progress – a lot like a new cruising boat! We'll be adding extra "equipment," tweaking things to run smoother and more efficiently, and, yes, fixing anything that breaks. 

The new has four basic sections:

  • Home Page
  • Waterway Explorer ("Explore Your Waterways" link in the header)
  • News and Events
  • Inside Waterway Guide
  • Waterway Guide Ship Store

The Home Page "discovers" your location (click "allow")– or you may enter a different location if you wish. If you reach the site first through a news article link, the system may default to Waterway Guide's home base – Deltaville, VA – simply visit the Home Page to change your location. The Home Page also has featured links to each other section, plus additional direct links in the footer.

The Waterway Explorer is the central hub for finding:

Marina information: Looking for a marina? The Waterway Explorer defaults to "Marina Mode" – the marina icons on the chart are bold with the facilities listed to the left, and the icons for other location types (anchorages, etc...) are dimmed. From within any of the marina info boxes, you can select "Compare to other marinas in the area" to see which of them have any of 13 features/amenities – and you can compare up to three categories at the same time! Use the "Provide feedback on this marina" link to give a review, suggest updated information or ask a question about the facility. The "More details..." link will take you to a marina details page – the Featured Marinas include aerial photos, often often labeling the docks and facilities – a great aid for approaching and docking – plus a Book Now reservation/contact tool.

Fuel prices and availability: Choose a "Diesel" or "Gas" button from within the listed marinas or choose "Fuel - Diesel" or "Fuel - Gas" it from the drop-down menu. The icons on the chart for marinas that offer fuel will become fuel pumps with updated prices (or it will display "call" if its prices are not updated weekly). Hint: Zoom out further and use a "Compare to other marinas in the area" link (in any of the individual info boxes) to compare prices over a wider area (see "Marina Comparison" image above – fuel prices are listed from lowest to highest).

Anchorages: Want a safe place to drop the hook? Click or tap on any of the dimmed anchorage icons, and the "mode" changes to highlight and list each of the anchorages in the view – or you can change the "mode" from the drop-down menu just above the chart.

Navigation alerts: Planning your day's travel? "Nav Alert Mode" shows you what hazards might lay ahead.

Bridge & lock info: Time the bridge openings and plan for locking up or down in "Bridges & Locks Mode" – which lists and displays closed vertical clearance, opening schedule, VHF channel monitored, and phone number where available. 

Other Waterway Explorer features:

Each icon on the chart will open an info box, featuring:

Mile marker (where applicable) – often a much easier way to find the ICW mile than the markers on the chart

"More details" link to a complete detail page

"Provide feedback" link for you to send new information, write a review, or ask a question of the Waterway Guide staff. 

Go directly to a location using the search boxes above the chart – search by city or by marina name (entering a place name in the "City, State" box often works, too). 

Base Map selector: Choose Street, Satellite, or one of several charting options. Note: this selector is now located at the bottom left (Satellite or Street will appear at levels and locations where charts are not available)

The Tool Box at the bottom right contains:

Zoom tools: Zoom in, zoom out.

Measurement Tool: Measure the distance of a route, including the distance and bearing of each leg. You can even compare multiple routes. 

Lat/Lon Coordinates Tool: When active, a crosshairs appears in the center of the view with its coordinates shown in the Lat/Lon readout (bottom right).

The Guide Menus (located at the top right in the chart area, pictured below) shows you which Waterway Guide edition and chapter is currently in the center of your view. Select the edition and chapter you're reading from the menu, and the chart will move to that location. When the chart is zoomed out to overview levels, the individual icons disappear and the Waterway Guide edition and chapter areas are displayed.

The News and Events section is organized by geographical area with the newest articles listed at the top, including a "General" section (that's where you are right now). Each section also features a "Waterway Events and Boat Shows" calendar, conveniently listed by the event dates. Submit comments, tweet or post to Facebook. Each article also includes a link to the subject location on the Waterway Explorer when applicable. Want to submit your own article or navigation alert? A new and improved submission feature will be added soon – until then, please send submissions and photos to [email protected]

The Waterway Guide Ship Store has all seven editions for sale, all Skipper Bob titles, and quite a few new products – but the format is the same as before.

Look for improvements continuously – better functionality, upgraded charting, and even more information – and please let us know how it's working, or not working, for you. Send your comments to [email protected] (if your comment is about a specific marina, anchorage, nav alert or bridge, please use the "Provide feedback" link in its info box). 

Happy cruising!