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A Hands-on Review of Wave WiFi

by Ed Tillett - January 3, 2020

A Hands-on Review of Wave WiFi We usually leave the technical topics to the specialists. But in this case, we thought that a hands-on installation and review of the WAVE... Read More

Waterway Guide and Waggoner Now Delivering Verified Global Data

by Graham Jones - July 11, 2019

(Deltaville, VA and Anacortes, WA) - Waterway Guide Media and the Waggoner Cruising Guide have announced a collaboration agreement to provide their information and local knowledge in digital format for... Read More

Service Facilities in Explorer

by Graham Jones - September 14, 2017

  Waterway Guide is proud to introduce the newest feature to our Waterway Explorer. There has always been a debate amongst Waterway Guide staff, boaters, marina owners and others regarding... Read More

Explore the new Waterway Guide website! Update

by WG Staff - April 24, 2017

Update: The new website debuted in February of 2016, but we continue to add new features. Our latest feature: The Measurement Tool now also reads out the bearing of each leg This... Read More

Waterway Guide Marinas App

by Graham Jones - February 3, 2017

This one-of-a-kind app is simple and straightforward, yet powerful... it has all the information a boater needs when looking for a place to dock, stop in for fuel, or get... Read More

Waterway Guide data available on iNavX

by Graham Jones - October 12, 2016

Waterway Guide data now available on iNavX app Date Posted: 2015-05-13Source: Fugawi, Waterway Guide   Do you use your iPad or iPhone for navigation? Now you can get Waterway Guide... Read More

Reviews and Ratings in Explorer

by Graham Jones - August 26, 2016

Several weeks back we started a series showing the features of the Waterway Explorer, which includes Ratings and Reviews - Navigation Alerts - Fuel Prices - Bridges and Locks -... Read More