Photo of the Week Gallery 4.11.2018

by Lisa Suhay - April 11, 2018

It's been a while since we've had such a tough choice to make for Photo of the Week. Although all of these are worthy there can be only one. But the others really needed to be seen.

Sunset on Sisters Creek (below) near Mayport, FL. before an offshore passage to St. Augustine submitted by Robert Beringer.


Sunrise Rain, Titusville, Florida submitted by Bill Hezlep.

Los Olas Bridge “Ft Lauderdale” submitted by Capt. Steve Sharkey.


Running The Bahamas Bank. Submitted by Capt. Steve Sharkey.

"Tongue of the Ocean" by Capt. Steve Sharkey.

Just to show that we're not playing favorites, here's the shot of the USCG Eagle in port at Nauticus, Norfolk, VA, taken by Waterway Guide News Editor Lisa Suhay that didn't make this week's cut.