Photo album of the week: Captain Steve Sharkey 11/30/2016

by Lisa Suhay - November 30, 2016


These images came from the collection of Captain Steve Sharkey. Sharkey is a professional captain who does charter delivery worldwide, specializing in North America, Bahamas, Carribean. He is the owner of several marine related businesses including one presently in South Florida, Steve brings over 35 years of yachting experience & knowledge of many vessel's, including all systems on board.

Here's a short VIDEO of his delivery from Hopetown, Abacos , Spanish Cay, Palm Beach, Florida. Also a VIDEO of a delivery from Palm Beach FL, Chub Cay, Nassau Bahamas.

Harbour Island rainbow, the bahamas

"Pet" sharks at Compass Cay Marina in Exuma


Bimini, Bahamas sunrise.

Spanish Cay sunset in the Bahamas (below)

Moorehaven Super Moon, Lake Okeechobee