SPECIAL EDITION: Hurricane Matthew Photos of the Week 10-11-2016

by Lisa Suhay - October 11, 2016

This series of photos was sent in by Jay Knight after Hurricane Matthew ripped through Epping Forest marina in Jacksonville, Florida. We invite our subscribers and followers to submit photos to [email protected].

"Our marina is surrounded by a breakwater," Knight writes. "Debris from dock destruction across the St. John's River washed over it and into it."

He is aboard the "Good Call" Nordic Tug 32.  On Tuesday Knight added the following update:

"The Epping Forest Yacht Club marina is technically open, but power and water service is out and in need of repair due to damage to the electric and water lines running along the breakwater. "However, right now I would not want to leave a slip and motor through the marina to the breakwater exit as I am sure that both floating and submerged debris from destroyed docks that the storm pushed into the marina would present potential problems for propellers," he adds.

"Thanks to our marina staff all boats in the marina, both in floating slips and lift slips, were well prepared for the storm.  None suffered any catastrophic damage.  All loose items in the marina were secured and we did as well as can be expected due to the hard work of all boat owners and the marina staff."

He adds, "What is scary is that kind of debris has got to be out in the waterways putting all boaters at risk of hitting it with their hulls or propellers while underway."