Marina Photography

by Graham Jones - August 26, 2016

As boaters, we at Waterway Guide have had many experiences of staying at an anchorage or marina overnight. When arriving at a marina, we understand the difficulties of finding your slip assignment. Especially if you are coming in after-hours. 

You hear "go to C46, go past the fuel dock and make a port turn". Well those conversations, or instructions, can make it difficult to get the first time around at a marina which you are unfamiliar with. So we've all watched boats move back and forth, up and down to find the C dock and then hope they're on the correct side of it to find their assigned slip number. Marina operators see this all the time as well.

This is where Waterway Guide is a valuable resource. We work with marinas to provide aerial photography of the marina and label the docks and landmarks (i.e. fuel dock, restaurant, pool, etc) so the boater can find it when they come in. Then we publish this content on our website, in the marina listing, and in our marinas app.

Here is an example of what this photography can look like:


These types of photos are available online at and also off-line on the Waterway Guide Marinas App; which is available for iOS and Android.