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Winner of the February Cartoon Caption Contest

by Lisa Suhay - March 4, 2020

Congratulations to Bill Small for his caption: "Does this lever make it go faster?" Bill will receive the Waterway Guide Cruising Guide book of his choice. Thanks to all those... Read More

Hurricane Florence Photo Gallery

by Lisa Suhay - September 19, 2018

Thanks mainly to the dilligence of Waterway Guide Contributor Robert Sherer and his Facebook Group 2018 ICW Cruising Guide by Bob423 here is a Hurricane Florence gallery of images sent... Read More

Photo of the Week Gallery

by Lisa Suhay - August 1, 2018

Thanks to all who entered this week'd contest. We had some remarkable shots. For those submitting next week the pro tip is to submit a horizontal image that is high... Read More

Photo of the Week Gallery 4.11.2018

by Lisa Suhay - April 11, 2018

It's been a while since we've had such a tough choice to make for Photo of the Week. Although all of these are worthy there can be only one. But... Read More

Cajun Navy and other Texas boat rescue heroes of Hurricane Harvey (Updated September 5)

by Lisa Suhay - August 30, 2017

Hurricane Harvey produced a record rainfall of over 51.88 inches and with that came devastating flooding. Official rescue efforts by The National Guard, U.S. Coast Guard and local officals are... Read More

Photo of the Week 8-23-2017

by Lisa Suhay - August 23, 2017

This week we had some tough choices to make. Frankly, as much as we love the panorama shots, the narrow newsletter space we have to work with just doesn't do... Read More

Photo of the week 7.19.2017

by Lisa Suhay - July 19, 2017

As a cold front pushed east of Washington on Saturday morning, it triggered a thunderstorm over the Chesapeake Bay, which spawned a picturesque waterspout. Farther South in Norfolk, Virginia it... Read More

Photos of the Week 4/26/2017

by Lisa Suhay - April 26, 2017

This week agve us an incredibly tough field from which to choose the Photo of the Week. While we have featured many sunsets, this week's composition by Robert Weems, where... Read More

Photos of the Week 4-12-2017

by Lisa Suhay - April 12, 2017

This week's winner is by Michael Rattigan aboard his 30' Downeast cruiser anchored somewhere in the Carolinas for the night. Also by Rattiagn is this shot of shrimpers on the... Read More

Photo of the Week 3-01-2017

by Lisa Suhay - March 1, 2017

It's incredibly hard to beat a breaching whale, but this gorgeous rainbow shot (Above) came in as a very close second. It's a morning rainbow from the Warderick Wells mooring... Read More

Photo Gallery of the Week 1-18-2017

by Lisa Suhay - January 18, 2017

This photo was taken from the anchorage at Jewel Island (few miles from Portland, Me) this past summer. "Maine is a truly magical cruising ground," says Joanne Matthews who provided... Read More

Photo of the Week Gallery 12-14-2016

by Lisa Suhay - December 14, 2016

This week we had a diverse and interesting batch to choose from. Dawn Over Blackwater Creek, VA by Ed Criscuolo A great sunrise picture from Southport! This is from our... Read More

Photo album of the week: Captain Steve Sharkey 11/30/2016

by Lisa Suhay - November 30, 2016

  These images came from the collection of Captain Steve Sharkey. Sharkey is a professional captain who does charter delivery worldwide, specializing in North America, Bahamas, Carribean. He is the... Read More

Photo of the Week: 10/26/2016

by Lisa Suhay - October 26, 2016

Thanks to those who sent in their images for his week. It was a very tight race between this image by Tome Sheys and the one we used as our... Read More

Photos of the Week: Captain Bulldog Edition 10-19-2016

by Lisa Suhay - October 19, 2016

This week our own Master Captain Bulldog Thal has sent in a passel of pictures from his travels. He is a licensed professional Ship's Captain USCG and US Merchant Marine... Read More

SPECIAL EDITION: Hurricane Matthew Photos of the Week 10-11-2016

by Lisa Suhay - October 11, 2016

This series of photos was sent in by Jay Knight after Hurricane Matthew ripped through Epping Forest marina in Jacksonville, Florida. We invite our subscribers and followers to submit photos... Read More

Photo of the Week Submissions Week of October 5, 2016

by Lisa Suhay - October 5, 2016

This photo of the Kalmar Nykle was taken by Bill Hezlep in the Lower Bay, New York, just below the Verrazano Bridge (I-278), the land behind the ship is Staten... Read More

Photo of the Week Submissions Week of Sept. 26

by Lisa Suhay - September 28, 2016

These photos were sent in by Capt. Nicole Tatum. They were taken on the Great Lakes. She is currently delivering a 65' Grand Banks with Mate/Engineer Andrea from Bay Harbor,... Read More

Marina Photography

by Graham Jones - August 26, 2016

As boaters, we at Waterway Guide have had many experiences of staying at an anchorage or marina overnight. When arriving at a marina, we understand the difficulties of finding your... Read More