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Manteo to Norfolk

The Market in Norfolk’s Waterside District got a $40-million-dollar facelift this summer and is open for business. It’s quiet and chilly in this harbor in November (average temperature of 50 degrees) but the multiple restaurants here offer a warm welcome and a hot meal. Rappahannock Oyster Co. originates in Topping, VA, and is recognized for its flavorful cuisine, family history and sustainable oyster farming practices. If you are feeling particularly ambitious, mosey on down to the PBR Norfolk Country Bar and challenge the world’s meanest mechanical bull. If that’s not your speed, the maritime-themed Nauticus Museum is open year-round on the downtown waterfront and the 135+ stores at nearby MacArthur Center are a great diversion on a crisp fall day. 

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GPS Coordinates:
36.8442°N, 76.2907°W