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Swansboro to Belhaven

Birthplace of the ICW

The century-old (circa 1904) River Forest Manor is a landmark for cruisers on the ICW between the Pamlico Sound and Alligator River–Pungo River Canal. Known locally as the “grand lady” and “old Southern girl,” the 13,000-square-foot Victorian mansion is located just a few hundred yards from “the birthplace of the ICW” where the final connections of the waterway were completed. Set on 4 acres of landscaped, waterfront grounds, the Manor includes a sweeping front porch with a traditional “haint blue” ceiling, which is steeped in Southern tradition (with a side benefit of warding off evil spirits, or “haints”). Want to get off the boat? The grand Manor has nine guest rooms plus a bungalow house with three suites. There is also a marina room with sweeping views of the harbor.

Stroll into town and visit the acclaimed Spoon River Artworks & Market, a farm-to-fork style restaurant located in the historic downtown. Menus change seasonally, weekly or even daily, depending on what is available locally. See more at

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GPS Coordinates:
35.5362°N, 76.6170°W