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Myrtle Beach to Topsail Island

Seafood Capital of the World

Calabash is a small fishing village on the NC/SC border that prides itself on being the “Seafood Capital of the World.” While the picturesque town has less than 2000 year-round residents, it boasts 30 restaurants, most of which serve the signature Calabash-style seafood. In this style, seafood of all types (including shrimp, clams, fish and oysters) is coated in a light corn meal batter and quick fried. It is often served “buffet style” and is always accompanied by hush puppies. No one knows for sure which restaurant holds the original recipe, but all authentic in some way. Don’t expect to find much else here. You could go deep-sea fishing or simply watch the fishing boats come and go. 


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GPS Coordinates:
33.8884°N, 78.5678°W