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NY Canal System, reduced operating hours

Date Reported: Feb 02, 2013

Reported by: Ted Stehle

White it is still not official, Waterway Guide has received information from a very reliable source that all of the canals in the NY Canal System will operate from 7 am to 5 pm during the entire navigation season. Previous years had the canals operating until 10 pm during the peak June through August period.

Source: WG Staff

Comment submitted by Todd - Fri, Jul 19th

This has hurt the local business. Not all canal users are transits. A good portion of the use was from after work locals heading out for a couple of hours consuming fuel, food, and services. Many of the businesses are reporting a 60% decrease in sales.

Comment submitted by Bob - Mon, Jun 10th

Obviuosly the transit will take longer, but the towns along the way will benefit by increased patronage to thier dining and other establishments.

Comment submitted by Bill Ash - Wed, Apr 17th

Reduce hours from 15 hours to 10 hours but maintain the same lock pass charges? What a deal.....but typical for New York State.

Comment submitted by Jim - Thu, Feb 14th

This is a bad child (Thruway) acting badly because it can't have its own way.

Comment submitted by New Yorkers Against Canal Cuts - Wed, Feb 13th

Don't want to see hours cut and service to boaters harmed? Speak out against Gov. Cuomo's canal worker cuts!

Visit: http://www.change.org/petitions/stopnycanalcuts to send a message to NY Governor Cuomo today!

Comment submitted by Tom Johnson - Tue, Feb 12th

This is due to 39 lock operators being laid off!!!

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