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7th Dist. Notice to Mariners Dredging & Shoaling Summary, SC,GA, FL

Date Reported: Aug 27, 2014

Mile: 0.0

Reported by: Ted Stehle, Director of Operations

To view a summary of dredging projects and areas of shoaling in the CG 7th District Notice to Mariners click here.



Source: CG 7th District NTM 07342014

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5th District, Notice to Mariners Dredging Summary, NJ through NC

Date Reported: Aug 26, 2014

Mile: 0.0

Reported by: Ted Stehle, Director of Operations

To view a summary of dredging projects in the CG 5th District Notice to Mariners click here.

Source: CG 5th District LNM 05342014

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USCG amends inland navigation rules

Date Reported: Jul 03, 2014

Reported by: Mike Ahart, News Editor

The Coast Guard is amending the inland navigation rules and their annexes to align the regulations with amendments made by the International Maritime Organization to the Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, to which the United States is a signatory, and to incorporate recommendations made by the Navigation Safety Advisory Council. These changes harmonize domestic and international law by reducing and alleviating equipment requirements on vessels, addressing technological advancements, such as wing-in-ground craft, and increasing public awareness of the inland navigation rules. These changes also make references to applicable requirements easier to locate by using the same format in domestic regulations as is used in the international convention.

DATES: This final rule is effective August 1, 2014.

See Federal Register document: Changes to the Inland Navigation Rules; Final Rule (pdf file).

Source: Federal Register Vol. 79, No. 127

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Hurricane Season is upon us - are you ready?

Date Reported: May 20, 2014

Mile: 0.0

Reported by: Ted Stehle

The hurricane season extends from June 1st through November 30th. Hurricanes can cause excessive damage to vessels and loss of life. To minimize these dangers, the following precautions should be taken by all mariners before getting underway during the hurricane season:

(a) Instruction of crew and passengers in location of emergency equipment and emergency procedures;

(b) Pre-sailing check of vessel, machinery, and equipment for seaworthiness;

(c) Installation of strong ground tackle;

(d) Review of storm center evasion procedures;

(e) Knowledge of nearest hurricane shelter or port; and

(f) Constant radio watches on channel 16 VHF-FM and frequent monitoring of weather broadcasts.


The civilian hurricane warning service for the North Atlantic is provided by the National Hurricane Center, Miami, Florida. The center collates ship, aircraft, radar, and satellite data to produce and issue tropical cyclone warnings and forecasts for the North Atlantic Ocean, including the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. A Tropical Cyclone Advisory message is issued every six hours, with intermediate bulletins provided as needed. For tropical storms and hurricanes threatening to cross the coast of the U.S., coastal warnings are issued to the public so that precautionary actions, including evacuation, can be initiated to minimize damage and loss of life.

Two levels of warnings are employed:

(a) HURRICANE WATCH - a preliminary alert that a hurricane MAY threaten a specified portion of the coast. It is issued 36 hours before landfall may occur; and

(b) HURRICANE WARNING - which indicate that hurricane conditions are EXPECTED along a specified portion of the coast. It is issued 24 hours before landfall. To provide additional information for maritime interests, a Marine Advisory is also issued which provides storm position forecasts for up to 72 hours in advance of a storm, and probabilities of hurricane strikes for coastal locations and offshore coordinates.

Mariners are reminded that aids to navigation, particularly lighted and unlighted buoys, may be moved from charted position, damaged, destroyed, extinguished or otherwise deemed discrepant as a result of hurricane and storms. Mariners should not rely solely upon the position or operation of an aid to navigation, but also employ such other methods of determining position as may be available.

Port Hurricane Conditions are set by the COTP and will change as the threat of severe weather increases, or as storm(s) approach a specific

COTP Area of Responsibility. For COTP specific Port Hurricane Conditions, you should review information provided under Port Directory tab of http://homeport.uscg.mil

Condition 4 - Hurricane Seasonal Alert. 01 June-30 November; port status: open.

Condition Whiskey - Sustained Gale Force winds associated with Tropical Cyclone activity are predicted within 72 hours; port status: open.

Condition X-Ray - Sustained Gale Force winds associated with Tropical Cyclone activity are predicted within 48 hours; port status: open.

Condition Yankee - Sustained Gale Force winds associated with Tropical Cyclone activity are predicted within 24 hours; port status: restricted; vessel/facility control measures in effect.

Condition Zulu - Sustained Gale Force winds associated with Tropical Cyclone activity are predicted within 12 hours; port status: closed to all vessel traffic and waterside activities except for activities approved by the COTP.

Drawbridges along the coast may deviate from normal operating procedures. Drawbridges are authorized to remain closed upon approach of Gale Force winds of 34 knots or greater. Extended closure periods may be authorized up to 8 hours prior to arrival of Gale Force winds to

facilitate evacuation of land traffic. Due to the uncertainty of hurricane movements and bridge closures, mariners are urged to seek passage through drawbridges well in advance of the arrival of Gale Force winds.




Source: CG NTM

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US Coast Pilot 1 - Atlantic Edition

Date Reported: Mar 20, 2014

Reported by: Ted Stehle, Director of Operations

PUBLICATION–National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)–U.S. Coast Pilot 1, Atlantic Coast: Eastport, ME to Cape Cod, MA, 44th

Edition, 2014, has been issued and is ready for free download and weekly updates at http://nauticalcharts.noaa.gov/nsd/cpdownload.htm.

Only Print-on-Demand (POD) bound copies are available for purchase; see http://www.nauticalcharts.noaa.gov/staff/charts.htm#POD .

The 2014 Edition cancels the preceding 2013 Edition, and incorporates all previous corrections.

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